The Best Financial Planning Software Tool for High-Net-Worth Individuals

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Trent Grzegorczyk – Founder of MICAPITAL

There are a ton of different options on the market when it comes to financial planning software tools. There are many bad planning tools out there, but only a few good ones.

The problem

Managing multiple financial accounts, assets, income streams, goals, and everything else in your financial picture can be extremely difficult. There are a ton of moving parts, and unless you are an spread sheet wizard, bringing all of these numbers together in a simple way that is accurate just isn’t possible. Various growth rates, depreciation schedules, financial accounts, expenses, income streams, luxury assets are all things that should be included in your wealth management plan. So, what is the solution to bringing all of this together to a single plan of action?

Good technology

In order to simplify all of this and dial everything in as accurately as possible, you need to leverage good technology. At MICAPITAL, we use a sophisticated software program to power our entire wealth management experience for our clients. Our program allows us to bring together our clients entire financial picture to one portal. The software is easy for the client to use and they can see where  their finances stand in real time, extremely quickly.

Unlike most cookie cutter financial planning tools, our program is ultra specific and can model almost any financial situation or what-if scenario. We are able to customize everything in the system based on our clients exact situation, which results in extremely sophisticated financial plans that maximize our clients financial outcomes.

Here are just a few situations that our tool can help with:

  • Retirement planning
  • Large purchases
  • College planning
  • Estate planning
  • Investment planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Risk management
  • Holistic financial planning

We take a holistic approach with each of our clients, and the eMoney financial planning program does an amazing job to help us with this.

Want to learn more?

Are you interested in learning more about the financial planning tool that we use with our high-net-worth clients? Here is a link to some videos that show you the benefits of working with our firm and leveraging our resources:


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